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The WEEKENDER aims to become the leading source & recommendation site for finding the best local businesses, events and things to do in Rwanda.


Audience: 21+ / digital natives / social influencers

Market: Leisure, Lifestyle & Events

Weekly digital reach: 250K+



Commercial profile, photography, digital marketing, SEO search result placement

  • PROMOTE your business’ services/ products & what makes it unique
  • ADVERTISE your sales & specials on a routinely updated PROMOTIONS page
  • RECOMMEND how consumers can spend their money with your business
  • PREMIUM video commercial placed on all competitor pages
  • CONSUMER INFO that transform a search into a sale – eg: price, menu, directions
  • ENHANCE local businesses search engine placement for queries associated to the business, for eg: ‘Best shopping in Kigali’, or ‘Things to Do in Kigali’ etc


Premium Ad banner production & placement on the WEEKENDER homepage, all articles, competitor pages and social media.


  • Client can promote an unlimited number of events
  • Client can upload, edit & manage their own events
  • Promoted on all WEEKENDER social media pages


Recommended to promote the launch of new products

  • Media coverage (article) of event on The New Times Entertainment (online) + The WEEKENDER
  • Social media promotion on The New Times & The WEEKENDER


Additional custom creative services

  • Premium Video commercials
  • Commercial Photo shoots
  • Drone photography/video

For all Business Inquiries & rates, please contact us directly: ADVERTISE@WEEKENDER.RW (response within 24 hrs)


How many people follow the website? How big is your market?

Our current total digital reach is 250K+ unique visitors and social media subscribers. Our top markets are: Rwanda, U.S, Western Europe & India.

What kind of team do you have?

Our team consists of writers, editors, photographers, videographers, an SEO web specialist, social media manager, and an executive producer to manage each client campaign individually.

What other services will I gain by advertising with you?

  • New creative elements (photography, videography, copy) for commercial use;
  • High search result placement for your business to be found online
  • Events calendar to promote an unlimited number of events for your business.

How different is WEEKENDER from The New Times?

The WEEKENDER is a leisure & lifestyle complement of The New Times, hosted on The New Times website.

In this manner, we provide content to inform and enrich the leisure life of Rwandan residents, professionals, families and travelers in Rwanda.

Why is WEEKENDER good for my business?

The WEEKENDER is geared to be a powerful tool for new client acquisition – those consumers who do not yet know you, or have perhaps considered spending money with you, but do not know why your business/ product/ service is unique.

For all business inquiries: ADVERTISE@WEEKENDER.RW