The Human Being That You See Matters More Than His/Her Appearance

When you look at a human being see the person, not the disability; see the person not the difference of character between you and him/her. See the person, not the religion, country, race, skin color or anything on them that is different from what you have or you would want to have on yourself.

Every human being is way beyond who he/she seems to be from their physical appearance. I got a chance of being part of the life untold stories of children with learning disabilities in a school and from that, I got reminded of how very similar we all are as human beings.

These children looking from the outside one would probably jump to the conclusion that they can’t have any significant reaction or action that would relate to their surrounding environment or any situation they would be in but that’s very wrong. Some of the students I see have autism spectrum disorder” A developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior” but they are just as responsive in whichever environment they are in as any other person only their communication is different.

Being a learning-disabled student doesn’t make you any less than a human.” Different but not less” said the words on t-shirts worn by special education teachers and students on the world autism awareness day (2ndJune). When I read these words, they made me think more of how we tend to differentiate ourselves, group ourselves due to different reasons and yet we all hate mistreatment the same way.

I’ve never seen or heard of a person who likes to be segregated from any society. The truth is that we all have fear of being differentiated and we hate such a feeling, that’s why we tend to only talk and associate with those whom we are more comfortable to be around due to our social status, looks, culture or origin.

The fact that we know how it feels to be tagged a certain name based on one’s inability, separated from the ”normal” society because you can’t do the same things as they do or do things to their level, should convince us of the importance of being able to see a full human being with all the complete needs and rights in every person we look at.

The difference is what we go through every day, every time. When we sleep on Tuesday night we don’t expect to wake up on the same day. It’s a different day. Why is it that we tend to not welcome differences and see the beauty of it yet it’s something we experience every single day of our lives?

Most people today tend to forget that they were born the same way as everybody else(well some people spent a longer or shorter time in the wombs of their mothers but am sure no one just appeared from the skies or thin air). We tend to forget that no one is immune to accidents, sickness, and death. Whether white or black, short or tall, hustler or humble, funny or not we all have strengths and weaknesses. We all get emotional though we handle them differently. We all cry the same tears, worry and get scared in different ways and for different reasons but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that such are common emotions that all human beings naturally have.

Let’s think about this again, think bout our similarities before our differences because the former is the most vital gift that we have and tool that we can use to blend, heal, be more comfortable and safer in our different communities.  If we learn to forgive and let go of our past, learn to cooperate and work for a common good cause, learn to embrace our differences by looking at our similarity first (UBUNTU), learn to freely provide honest advice, honest feedback and work with integrity in all that we do, learn to fight too much ego and too much selfishness, nothing can stop us from going all the way up.

Punishments would be done fairly, advice and critic would be given honestly and received with the right attitude. Gratitude wouldn’t be such a hard thing to express. I always say this and am going to say it again.

If the world was for the success of one person then it wouldn’t be as big as it is, a common living place for as many people as it is. The fact that we are many and different is no fault of any kind but for the best of mankind and everything else in this world.”  

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