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WKND Proggie: Dec. 6th

Oh me oh my, this #VisitRwanda is no joke at all, and it keeps getting better and better.

But as you’ve already guessed, there must be a “but” somewhere: a slight minor detail is missing.

For the sake of accountability, the amount of money spent on these ads should also be made public.

All for the benefit of the citizen – to know that if millions are not being spent on her/his welfare, it is being invested for future huge returns that will yield the amount that would have been spent on development and welfare.

It’s also in a bid to keep track of how long it will take for the returns to surpass the investment, or whether there will be some profits.

And also for the sake of things being done “ad lucem et veritatem“- in transparency and truthfulness – something which Rwanda is known for.

Lastly, it would also repel those who might want to use the means for their own interests.

Word on the Street

Word on the streets is that local bars/boutiques are tripling their income due to strong measures on alcohol consumption and driving. “Kwa Murokore”, “Kwa Epimaque”, “Chez Nyota”, and so on, have the government of Rwanda to thank.

In the wee hours of the evening, you find the clientelle for beer within the neighbourhood rising.

Those who used to take the party far from home are now embracing the neighbourhood boutiques, and in turn they (boutiques) are amassing a lot of money.

Holy Tunes

Onto our WKND proggie!

There will be a lot of holiness this WKND, or at least I hope so. Kicking off these magical 3 days of the week, there is a gospel concert by one of the most beloved gospel groups in the world, Hillsong. (Yes, there is the word “hill”… “It probably has some roots in the country of a thousand hills,” a typical Rwandan would say, trying to nationalize or find a relationship between everything that’s good or supreme with them or Rwanda.)

I’m not into gospel music a lot, but good music is a universal language every living being understands, and Hillsong makes good music. So I will be there. Hurray to good music.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\poster_1575292851.jpg

Date: Friday Dec. 6th

Time: 5 PM

Venue: Kigali Arena

Budget: 5,000 Rwf (regular); 20,000 Rwf (VIP zone); 50,000 Rwf (VVIP around the stage)

Passport Experience

With Kigali being a hub of big international conferences, this week it hosted “another one!” (in Dj Khaled’s voice).

ICASA – the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa – hosted around 10,000 participants from around the world. This is one of the events organized in the name of giving the participants a taste of Kigali nightlife.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\IMG_20191203_205504.jpg

Date: Friday Dec. 6th

Time: 8 PM – 2 AM

Venue : Kigali Serena Hotel

Entrance: 10,000 Rwf ($11) – 20,000Rwf ($21)

A “Not-So-Silent-Night”

With the, “Why wait for tomorrow if you can have it today” festive spirit, Injyana ensembles can’t help but usher our WKNDers into Christmas as early as December 7th. For those who like everything about Christmas, this concert is yours to enjoy.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\IMG-20191203-WA0008.jpg

Date: Saturday Dec. 7th

Time: 5 PM

Venue: Kibagabaga (KG 301 ST Holy Trinity Cathedral), or Anglican Church

Entrance: 3,000 Rwf (around $3) for early birds – 5,000 Rwf (around $6) at the gate.

Fashion & Fashionistas

For fashionistas and those interested in fashion – designers, models etc – we got something for you this WKND: “The Style Savvy fashion show”. I was told a lot of entertaining activities await those who attend this event.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\FB_IMG_1575470535484.jpg

Date: Friday Dec. 6th

Time: 6 PM

Venue: Scheba Hotel

Entrance: Ranging from 3,000 Rwf – 150,000 Rwf on the high table

A Taste of the Middle East

While some of us love music, others love dancing to it. Well, this WKND, it surely won’t be the type of music people are used to hear in clubs or on radio, ie, hip hop, pop, country and afro beats. Something else, a little bit special – “Middle Eastern Dance” – will be served alongside Moroccan and Spanish dishes at Casa Keza. If you’re dying of curiosity, let’s meet there. 

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\FB_IMG_1575470352360.jpg

Date: Saturday Dec. 7th

Time: 8 PM

Venue: Casa Keza

Budget: For solo riders, I would recommend 30,000 Rwf (around $30) pocket money; for couples, you might want to double that. You never know how the night ends.


Kigalifaam is back with their markets, and at this time of the year we couldn’t expect anything less from them. Of course, it’s Christmas market. Maybe it’s time to start shopping for the Christmas gifts and for those who are visiting – a souvenir wouldn’t hurt a pocket.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\FB_IMG_1575470303578.jpg

Date: Saturday Dec 7th

Time: 12 PM – 6 PM

Venue: Kigali Serena Hotel

Budget: At least 20,000 Rwf (around $25), and that is at least

Charity begins at home

For everyone who is alive and well-catered for, or lacking nothing from the basic needs of this life, it’s fortunate enough and priceless.

Nevertheless, there are others out there who barely survive and even need help, and running to their rescue is the least we can do show gratitude and take care of our own, because we’re one people. This event is all about helping vulnerable children in their education and health insurance, in any way: you could attend the walk to raise the awareness, buy a t-shirt or even donate/offer other kinds of support.

C:\Users\Teacher\Desktop\Events Dec 6\FB_IMG_1575470073245.jpg

Date: Sat. Dec 7th

Time: 3 PM

Venue: Kigali Marriott hotel

Budget: Free. In-kind donation/ support, welcome. T-shirt 5,000 Rwf

Stay Weekendered throughout y’all!

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