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WKND Proggie : Nov. 29th

I set foot at the Made in Rwanda Expo and I was impressed. However, we really don’t appreciate it – people are constantly downgrading the expo, saying “of all these things, what’s really made in Rwanda”… Let’s put the trashing down for a bit and appreciate that our youth and fellow Rwandans are at least innovating.

Speaking of innovation, there have been cool innovative restaurants, catchy with a lot of swaggerific designs, but for reasons I haven’t brought my head around, one can’t be a regular of a certain restaurant that caresses your heart. Why? Because it’s like they operate on a 2-3 years contract.

I gave up recently when my favorite ka-restaurant battled and was “the last man standing”, but as I passed by, it was gone.

Like me, a lot of people don’t like the big hotels or restaurants and just want a calm spot, with those services which come with a lot of passion invested in them… but such spots don’t last, why, why, why?


Laments aside, let’s dive right into our WKND Proggie: this concert is a major “Go-not-only-because-of-the-Nigerian-American-Classic-Man”, but because of our very own Bruce Melodie. Jidenna is a nice artist, yes, but Bruce Melodie just turns water into wine, guys. Ever since he grabbed that stardom, he’s been consistent and brings a magic potion to every feature he’s made. I believe he’s gonna bring his A-game.

Date: Friday Nov. 29th

Time: 8 PM (Gates open at 6:30pm but trust me due to our timekeeping which slipped God’s hands during our DNA creation, you don’t wanna be there at 6:30pm, just be there at 8PM)

Venue: KCEV Akagera Tent (Camp Kigali)

Budget: Rwf15000 (regular) – Rwf240000 (VVIP table). You might also want to carry extra money for food and drinks (cheapest beer 1k)

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree”

It’s that period of the year, Christmas month. It’s that time of the year where there will be Christmas trees at almost every roundabout in the country. Well it’s no surprise that some are ahead of time. Radisson Blu want their Christmas tree up and lit; Santa might probably appreciate the gesture and give them the best gifts.

Date: Friday Nov. 29th

Time: 6 PM – 7 PM

Venue: Radisson Blu 

Singles Mingle

Socializing can be tricky and sweaty for the shy. Sometimes the person you want to approach, you’re not sure whether they want to be approached, or if they have another agenda, which might prompt an answer like, “Bad timing, kinda busy right now”. What if there is a spot that people only showed up for that, “Meet and greet”? Now that’s the spot to be this Friday.

Date: Friday Nov. 29th

Time: 8 PM – 12 AM

Venue: Pili pili

Budget: Free entrance, pay as you consume

“Africa: The Cradle of Creativity”

Under the theme “Africa: the Cradle of Creativity”, this expo will be taking place in Rwanda for a period of a week. As Africans we have so much to celebrate: be it food, talent, art; don’t get me started on music and dance. Everything is there, and the expo will be ending on Nov 30th.

Date: Friday Nov. 29th (Cocktail dinner with Art)

Time: 6 PM – 11 PM

Venue: Mythos Boutique Kigali


Venue: Intare Arena

Date: Ongoing until November 30th

Budget: Rwf7000 for a 1 day pass; Rwf12000 for a 3 days pass

Anda Arts Festival: “The Legacy of Stereotypes”

Speaking and uttering your message can sometimes be a tough job, let alone initiating a conversation on taboos and stereotypes. There is always a fun way to do that without naming names, and that’s through artistic media. Anda Festival returns with performances that aim at conversing about the very sensitive subjects – taboos and stereotypes in our society – that we were even forbidden to talk about. They are taking the lead in shaking the bushes. Just be there to not miss a thing.


Date: November 29th and 30th

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue : Centre Saint Paul  (Just behind  Sainte famille)

Budget: Free entrance, but carry some extra cash; who knows how lit la soiree sera.

Christmas Bazaar

As said earlier, Christmas is approaching very fast and we can’t just sit back and wait, we have to do something about it. This event feels like a good family time. With kids on holidays, this event can be a nice way to help the kids escape their routines and get some fresh air, and even make new friends outside of their circles. I’ve never seen a kids event with so many sponsors, this must be a huge one.

Date: December 1st

Time: 12 – 6 PM

Venue: Kigali Marriot Hotel

Budget: Entrance Rwf2000 per adult; Rwf1000 (10-17 yr olds)

Hope this weekend marks your history.
Stay weekendered throughout!

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