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WKND Proggie – Nov. 8th

Times have changed kweli.

Do you remember the days when parents knew everything? Yeah, you read that right. The time when the BBCs (Born Before Computers) were in their mid-30s.

As a kid, you had to ask every unknown thing to your parents.

There weren’t many books (smh, as if we loved to read), not many newspapers or even radio stations or TVs.

In my neighborhood, you couldn’t own a radio because parents would say, “you’ll spoil it, now wait until you’re old and you can own as many as you want”, if a child attempted to ask for one.

When they had a little information about what you were asking, they could say: “I’ll buy it for you if you become the first of your class”, which is a “mission impossible” for some kids. You would later find out that they actually had no information, when you passed by the thing you had asked for, in a supermarket, and they say, “Kumbe, it is this Nintendo you were asking for, it’s even not that expensive”… and that day would mark as your luckiest day.

A Tribute To The Awesomeness of Old-School Video Games

However, a lot of kids missed out on video games in their childhood, or maybe you just loved those games: Supermario, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, naming a few.

So, every Thursday we have a Throwback Thursday dubbed, “A Tribute To The Awesomeness Of Old-School Video Games.

That’s some catch-up, a visit back in time and childhood memories.


Date: Every Thursday

Venue: Matrix Game Lounge (Across Kigali Arena)

Budget: Coins for the games

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

We’ve all heard the sentence “laughter is the best medicine” – but what does it really mean?

In a scientific language, it triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s “feel-good” chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for stress relief and temporary pain relief, thus promoting a sense of well-being.

Basically, in English, you need more laughter in your life; allow me to sing: “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child”.

See, heaven’s got a plan for you this weekend.

Caravane du rire will bring the right amount of dosage for you. For both the English speakers, et aussi pour çeux qui parlent en Français.

Caravane du Rire

Date : Fri. 8th (English speakers) & Sat. 9th (French speakers)

Time: Show starts at 7 PM

Venue: Camp Kigali

Budget: Rwf 2,000 (Student); Rwf 5000 (normal) & Rwf 20,000 (VVIP)

Beauty As Medicine

I’m not an art connoisseur but I find the idea of using visual art as medicine so, “wow”! I mean who does that? I don’t even want to waste any calories trying to figure that out. So if you’re in the same boat, I hope we meet at Hamwe Festival’s “Beauty as Medicine” art exhibition.

Beauty as Medicine Art Exhibit

Date: November 8th-10th

Time: 9AM – 5PM

Venue: Kigali Convention Center (KCC)


When it comes to sports, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with every game for various reasons.

But lucky enough, most tournament finals take place on days when people are free. Also, finals are better because of the adrenaline rushing through the players’ veins as they are an inch away from the grand prize.

For basketball lovers, the Legacy Tournament Finals will be taking place over the weekend.

Legacy Basketball Tournament Finals

Date: November 9

Time: 1 PM: Shouting touch vs elite bbc

            3 PM: The HoopsBBC vs RP-IPRC Huye BBC (Women)

            5 PM: veterans finals 

            7 PM: Men finals

Venue: Kigali Arena

Participating teams: Men: Patriots BBC, APR BBC, RP-IPRC Kigali BBC, RP-IPRC Huye BBC, REG BBC, UGB and Espoir BBC; Women: RP-IPRC Huye BBC, The Hoops BBC and Ubumwe BBC; Veterans: UGB, CSK BBC, Patriots BBC and Bakolo BBC

Junior: Shooting Touch and Elite BBC

“Falling Walls”

More art this weekend! Before seeing the “Beauty as Medicine” exhibition poster, I only  thought of art as a fun thing or even a medium of expression.

Fortunate enough, art lovers will get a chance to experience them both: art-lovers will be in their element with their WKND in full swing.

Can I sing again: “See heaven’s got a plan for you” …not just you, but us. Count me in this one too, friends.

“Falling Walls” Performance

Date: November 9th

Time: 6 PM

Venue: School of Architecture (Entrance: Kigali Cultural Village)

Vocal Therapy

At the climax, as our beloved Weekenders will be waving goodbye to the WKND, we have amazing vocals from Grammy award-winning Malian vocalist Oumou Sangare, and other renown artists, that will soothe the transition.

She Matters Concert

Date: November 10

Time: 6 PM

Venue: Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (Camp Kigali)

I know… it won’t be easy, but we shall make it to the next WKND…

Stay Weekendered y’all!

Have any events you would like to tell us about? Write to Hugues at

{Featured Image by Barrie Taylor }

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