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Your WKND Proggie – Nov. 1st

For the faithful, life is a gift from God; others say it’s a journey. One thing that’s sure is that one day, everyone is going to meet that “common denominator” of Life. 

Some complain it’s unfair, while others are busy partying like it’s 1999. As interesting as it can get, friends can add color to that journey. 

I have interesting friends and this WKND proggie is going to be about them.

Pumpking Carving Contest

Without naming names, there is this friend – let’s call him Eric – for the sake of my security.

Eric is always working and never gets ample time to spend with his family. For Eric-like Weekenders, Santa has come early.

On top of going out like a family, you will get to relish your younger selves by doing activities like pumpkin carving with your toddlers, now that Halloween is celebrated in Rwanda, haha! 

Date: November 1

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Venue: Lavana (Dining room Theater)

Budget: Rwf 15k per family (4 non- alcoholic drinks, 1 appetizer, candy & 1 pumpkin); or any team of 4.

*Prizes will be awarded to the best pumpkin carving!

However, most of my friends aren’t married. They are always looking for events, where they can invite or take their sweethearts or crushes.

William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” wouldn’t be bad. Even if you’re still at the “group stages” with your beau/belle, this kind of invitation sends a message – the kind that could get you to the finals, or even the trophy.

Date: November 1

Time: 5:00 PM (Doors open); 7:00 PM ( Showtime)

Venue: Kigali Serena Hotel

Budget: Rwf 10k

Mask Party

Claire, oh she is a phenomenal friend. And unlike others, she is not engaged or dating someone.

For her, image matters a lot: last summer she flirted with this guy, beating around the bush and not opening up about how she felt for him. Of course, the window closed all because according to her, culture is not alright with girls wearing their hearts on their sleeves or even confessing feelings to boys.

But I’m positive that with her long, wide-eyed smooth face behind a disguise at a mask party, she will loosen up a little bit, enjoy, and fool around not having to worry about who might be watching.

Date: November 1

Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Mirror Hotel

Budget: Rwf 3k

Live Reggae

Jean Claude is a loner, and for some je ne sais quoi reasons, he is not much into dating and all that.

However, he sure does love reggae music. He also has other friends and they call themselves Rasta men. Jean Claude was extremely happy to hear about this event.

Date: November 1

Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: Impact Hub Kigali

Budget: Free

All-Stars Basketball

With the above mentioned, one may wonder where I will be.

Well, with Kigali Arena and basketball becoming a thing these days, I will be enjoying dunks, and watching pom pom girls. I am really excited to see whether they will pull it off. And of course the All-Stars game.

Date: November 1

Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Kigali Arena

Budget: Rwf 1k (regular); 3k (VIP) and 10k (VVIP)

Disability Awareness Market

Disabled people need everyone’s support, not in the sense of pitying them but acknowledging the strength and power behind living with stigma the world pins on them even for something they didn’t choose.

It’s even more commendable to find a person like that, doing something to thrive. 

Date: November 2

Time: 12 PM – 6 PM

Venue: Kigali Serena Hotel

Silent Disco

Silent discos are slowly becoming the future of partying, especially with the regulations crowding loud music.

I’ve personally not attended one but the idea of two people with a radius of a few inches dancing to different music strikes me. I guess the idea of dancing to the genre of music that one likes is usually implemented in one’s bedroom.

The whole club dancing to one song did also help some people like Eddy to learn some moves and even be exposed to other music that he would have not listened to if it was up to him. But it will be no more the case, for Eddy, with the help of silent disco, will always be selecting the genre that he only likes. 

Date: November 2

Time: 6 PM

Venue: Sharly’s Bar & Grill, Kibagabaga

Budget: Rwf 5k

Car-Free Day

With the friends mentioned above, we once attended the Car Free day and it was fun to watch.

Some of us, with our bellies, almost fainting and craving for some glucose. Others, we ran the whole circuit, non-stop.

Overall, it was fun – not mentioning the health benefits associated with being active (even though we ended up eating and drinking unhealthily after that). But I would say, that it’s a nice event and even more health.

Just don’t do what we did.

Date: November 3rd

Time: 7 AM -10 AM

Venue: Amahoro Stadium (Departure)

Ya’ll stay WKNDered throughout!

Have an event you think we should know about? Please write Hugues Mugemana at

{Featured image: a pumpkin by NASA, courtesy of Time Magazine}

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