The Weekend Proggie

YOUR WKND Proggie: Oct 18th

Have you ever suffered from boredom? I have, and if you haven’t, I don’t wish it to happen to you, or any of your loved ones.

Rest assured because your WKND proggie is the vaccine – “tu ne crains rien”, as the French would say.

This weekend’s Friday will be spared for old friends. Pick a phone and call that old friend you haven’t seen in quite a while.

If need be, grab a beer with him/her, and if he/she doesn’t drink, take him/her to the movies.

Not at the cinemas of course, but at a more special, small-gathering-type of event.

They always have a special way of bringing out that special touch, and you find it easy to reconnect.

Date: October 18

Time: 7pm

Venue: Rwanda Arts Initiative

The WKND is that time of the week when you can take care of yourself: some choose resting, and others choose fitness. For both, a pool can be the place to go. 

Additionally, you can even compete with friends, and see who gets the coming week’s bills.

Date: October 19

Time: 8am-1pm

Venue: Mount Kenya University Rwanda

Register for the swimming competition here

For those who don’t know how to swim like my friend Eric, you can accompany your kids to this event – skateboarding.

I’m still terrified by the word because of how many times I’ve fallen trying to learn that sport. For those who grew around these streets, know how it was: there would be this rich kid or Diaspora neighbour who had one, and the whole neighbourhood had to take turns on that one skateboard.

If you fell a lot of times, you would be suspended from the skateboarding gang forever. And ever since, I have never even thought of buying one.

But your kids might be interested, and this event may earn you the Father/Mother of the year award.

Date: October 19

Time: 9am-4pm

Venue: SOS Children’s Village Kigali

Until I saw this event, I have never thought that a pregnant woman can run.

Something in my head thinks that it can somehow not be that good for the human being inside. But guess what? Myself and most of you who didn’t know that, please refer this athletic event to your loved ones

Date: October 19

Time: 8am-12pm

Venue: Amahoro Stadium

Tech enthusiasts, finally an event where they speak Python, Java and all other languages you understand.

DevFest (Developer Festivals) events cover multiple product areas such as Android, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Google Assistant, Flutter, machine learning with TensorFlow, and Mobile Web. The events are aimed to bring the community together to learn, develop technological solutions and share knowledge.

Date: October 19

Time: 9am-4pm

Venue: Carnegie melon University Africa (Kigali) 

Note: Apart from the event giveaways, all attendees will be provided with:

  • Transport means from Remera to the venue (Carnegie Mellon University Africa)
  • From the site back to Remera (bus stop) or Kacyiru (KBC)

Registration might be closed if you open it late, but here is the link

Someone important to me told me that books contain wisdom. Mind you, not all of them. But on the wisdom shelf, you’ll certainly find this one.

One day, I was having supper with my head leaning towards my plate, into the isombe I was eating. Suddenly, he author of the book below was speaking on a show and I turned the volume up, watching until I came back to my senses finding my meal cold.

Bookaholics, this event is a must-attend.

Date: October 19

Time: 4pm

Venue: Legend Hotel

{Featured image: a still from IMFURA: A Samuel Ishimwe short film, courtesy of Africa.Film}

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