The Weekend Proggie

WKND PROGGIE: Oct. 10th – 13th

On a weekend like this in Kigali – with Youth Connekt participants around – it’s surprising to find not so many events happening.

Nevertheless, ‘ikitabuze mu rutoki ni amakoma‘, which roughly translates to “You can never fail to find banana leaves in a banana plantation”. We got you covered – our tap never runs dry!

10.11 : Laugh Out Loud

How about beginning your weekend with hurting ribs… due to peals of laughter, of course! You’ve giggled at jokes in the office all week long, this time get out of the office – come and laugh out loud while enjoying rooftop views of the city.

Date: October 11

Time: 7 pm

Venue: Chic Building rooftop

Budget: Free entrance

10.11 : Art & Food

If comedy is not your thing then you must be pretty serious with life and have these heavy principles that some are possibly drawn from our culture. If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy this one; learning to make crafts while enjoying traditional food. Yes, you read that right; I can already smell some isombe after having painted my imigongo designed craft.


Date: October 11

Time: 7pm-9pm

Venue: Azizi Life Studio

Budget: From $10.00 (around Rwf 10k)

Tickets available here

Upon arrival, one can choose from the following activities,

  • Small Craft options –  Painting small Imigongo, Creating Piggy Bank, Making Greeting cards or Making Bees Wax Candles.
  • Medium Craft options- Creating Tassel Garlands or Painting Medium Imigongo.
  • Big Crafts options – Painting picture Imigongo or Making Discs Mobile

10.12 : Photojournalism

Have you ever imagined how our life would be if people had no eyes? While you’re up to it, things we perceive contribute a lot to making beautiful memories but also can be kept in another form. That’s pictures. For those of you that love photography, this might be a good way to spend your weekend. Get to visit places you’ve never been, learn about stories within a glance, and let your heart experience the emotions behind them through photojournalism.

Date: October 12 (opening) – Nov. 14th

Time: 7:30 PM – 11 PM

Venue: Kigali Center for Photography

10.12 : Jokes ‘N Trap

Comedy WKNDRs, this is your weekend. Another comedy event justed popped from our goodie bag and it’s tied to a ‘Kinya trap’ performance by one of the finest in Kigali-Bushali. However, if you are not good at Kinyarwanda, with this event, you might need a translator. 

Date: October 12

Time: 6 pm

Venue: Camp Kigali

Budget: Regular: Rwf 5K ; Students: Rwf 2K ; VIP: Rwf 10K

10.12: Afro-House Party

After that, you wouldn’t take all that hype to bed, would you? Of course, I understand that you are not a club fan, so I got you sorted out. You may proceed to cut a rug on Afro-rhythms just up to 11PM, and who knows, you might probably like it or even meet “The One”.

Date: October 12

Time: 9pm-11pm

Venue: Chillax Lounge

10. 13 : Be Fit

Normally, Sundays are all about trying to wear off the weekend and prepare yourself for the week ahead. And what better way to do this than begin your Sunday with a workout.

Date: October 13

Time: 9 AM – 11 AM

Venue: Afia Organics Kigali

Budget: Rwf 10K (regular) ; Rwf 3K for children activities

10.14: Book Launch

 I know, right! I always got something for bookaholics, as I seem to fall under that category as well. A book lunch, aye! Well, judging this book from its cover – which is often a golden rule in this society – I would say this book will have a spiritual aspect which rhymes well with a Sunday, the day considered by many as a Holy day. Some gospel music will also be played at the event.

Date: October 13

Time: 4 PM

Venue: Kigali Serena hotel

Budget: Free entrance

There are recurring events that one can attend, please refer to our last WKND’s proggie. Lastly if you are attending the Youth Connekt and you’re also looking for a place to chill around Kisimenti, this might help you.

Do you have suggestions of upcoming events? Feel free to share in the comments section for a chance to be featured in our weekly WKND Proggie!

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