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A Guide to Kisimenti’s 5 Hottest Nightspots

With the current introduction of stringent laws against driving under the influence, many merrymakers have been worried about how they will get home safely without breaking any laws and incurring heavy fines.

This guide will help party-goers know where they can have all their fun, ranging from watching their favorite teams play, a variety of drinks, local and exotic meals, theme nights as well special promotions on selected days – all without the need of a car.

Most Popular


You cannot miss Bahama’s big green billboard, located close to Master Grill. The bar is well-stocked and one can get a variety of drinks ranging from beers to liquor. Beers go for only Rwf 800 and Rwf 1000 for the big and small ones, respectively, and shots start from Rwf 2,000. Breakfast is also served so one can leave after having breakfast and head straight home. Soccer lovers are taken care of as flat screens are strategically placed. One can pay using Mobile-Money or a Visa Card. A resident Dj plays your favorite tunes starting on Thursday all the way to Sunday.

Great for: Affordable Drinks, Music & Dancing, Social

Budget: Beers starting from Rwf 800; shots Rwf 2,000

Pro-Tip: For the ladies, the toilets are awkwardly placed.

514 Resto and Bar

Best known for its amazing Wednesday karaoke and live band music, which includes Congolese live music on Thursdays. It has a total of 5 flat screens where one can watch their favorite game while enjoying the comfort of couches in their little-known club, which provides plush, private interiors away from the main public dinning and drinking area, perfect for those that prefer having a good time away from the public eye. Lunch buffet is served Monday to Friday and costs only Rwf 2,500 and comes with a soft drink. All local beers cost Rwf 1,000 except Heineken. Security at 514 is at its peak as there are always two people (a man and woman, for the ladies) that do the frisking before you access the spacious, open-air facility. A great place for groups

Great for: Lunch, Groups, Live music, Private Lounge

Budget: Local beers starting at Rwf 1000

Pro-Tip: A majority of the establishment is open-air, so do expect to get wet when it rains. Also, space for parking is limited. 

Plan B

Located a stone’s throw from Bahamas and 514, Plan B is known for having karaoke all week long, and an extensive list of local beers. Six flat screen televisions positioned at different angles ensure that soccer lovers have their potion of fun, no matter where you are sitting. Their kitchen closes late so one can get their favorite bar foods any time throughout the night, plus a variety of drinks. The bar is visibly spacious and has its own parking.

Great for: Live Music, Late Bites, Parking

Budget: Local beers starting Rwf 1000

Pro-tip: Those interested in other games apart from soccer shouldn’t expect to catch them from there.

Red Sky

Known for its spacious premises, the facility is one of the few that has a pool table where one can pass time. Soccer lovers are also taken care of as there are 3 flat screens for that. Amazing discounts on beers, as a bucket of Petit Mutzig and Skol of 5 goes for Rwf 3,000, every Thursday. One can have privacy as a number of rooms with couches are available, and a lunch buffet is a thing at Red Sky. Cocktails are also available and go for as low as Rwf 1,000, and there is also a resident DJ from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Great for: Affordable Drinks, Pool, Groups, Music & Dancing

Budget: Bucket of beers starting at Rwf 3,000; Cocktails starting at Rwf 1,000

Pro-tip: Be ready to run for shelter in case it rains, as it is an open space.

Master Grill

Known for having one of the best grilled meat in Kigali, the establishment also has a spacious environment that can accommodate a large number of people. Mater Grill also serves a lunch buffet at a very pocket-friendly price, and has theme nights for selected days. Shots start from as low as Rwf 1,200 and soccer-lovers are able to watch their favorite games from the 3 flat screens and the projector. A resident DJ is always on the ‘ones and twos’ every Friday and Saturday. Beers are really affordable and come in different brands.

Great for: Grilled Meats, Theme Nights, Sports, Drinks

Budget: Shots start at Rwf 1,2000

Pro-tip:  If you are very hungry, grab a small bite somewhere else first, as the large number of clients typically means a lot of orders. 

Getting Home

Transport prices from this area are negotiable, depending on what place you’re heading to; however, the below reflects average prices you can expect.

Nyamirambo – Rwf 1,000 (moto) ; Rwf 5,000 (taxi)

Kanombe – Rwf 800 (moto) ; Rwf 3,000 (taxi)

Gikondo – Rwf 700 (moto); Rwf 4,000 (taxi)

Kabeza – Rwf 500 (moto); Rwf 3,000 (taxi)

Nyarutarma & Kacyiru: Rwf 500 – 700 (moto); Rwf 3,000 (taxi)

Kibagabaga: Rwf 600 (moto); Rwf 4,000 (taxi)

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