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On Weekends, some people like staying at home enjoying some quality time with their families, while others like to kick it a little bit, get out of the house for some fresh air and shake off their week’s hassles. “The Weekenders”, they are called.

From our goodie bag, we picked some must-be-on-your-calendar events this weekend for our ‘Weekenders’ (and happy new month, by the way).

In some government institutions, the weekend begins on Friday afternoon; others are already done with their week – and for the bold ones, well, they skive. After all, they will meet their bosses on Monday.

Fierce Drifts

Talking about Friday afternoons, the 16th edition of the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally will kick off at Amahoro Stadium, with fierce drifts from your favorite drivers. If you’re a car enthusiast or had a dream to become a motorsport champion and got a low blow from life like many out there, this is definitely for you.

2019 Mountain Gorilla Rally

Friday, October 5: Super stage (7.11 km): Amahoro Stadium 

Saturday, October 6: Super Section 2 to 5 (305.44 km): Nyamizi, Gaharwa, Gako and Gasenyi located in Bugesera District 

Sunday, October 7: Super sections 6 to 7 (200.24 kilometers): Gahengeri, Ntunga and Musha

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Had a sorrowful or rough week? A smile or laughter would be a nice way to reset. “You shouldn’t sleep angry or sad”, a dear person told me once. In that regard, let me prescribe for you a few hours of comedy, followed by a dance performance.

First Friday Comedy Night by Kalypso

Date: October 4th

Time: 6.30 PM

Venue: Impact Hub Kigali

Art for Adults

Have you ever wanted to decorate your living room with stunning pieces of art, but fail to find the perfect one? “This one’s for you”, Zara Larsson sang alongside David Guetta. This “Flavourful Friday”, learn to make art for yourself and start your weekend productively. While you won’t immediately become Epa Binamungu, you can come up with something that’s fancy for your eyes and living room. You can also take a date with you to this fun event, for there will also be some cheesecakes.

You can choose from any of the following craft options:

Small Craft options –  Painting small Imigongo, creating a ‘Piggy Bank’, creating greeting cards or making bees wax candles.

Medium Craft options– Creating tassel garlands or painting a medium Imigongo.

Big Crafts options – Painting large Imigongo or Making Discs Mobile.

Cheesecake & Crafts

Date: October 4th & October 6th

Time: 7pm – 9pm (Friday); 1 pm – 4 pm (Sunday)

Venue: Azizi Life Studio

Budget: From Rwf 10,000; Tickets available here

Shop with Conscience

On Saturday, after your grasse matinée and lunch with your family or dear ones, you might consider passing by this market with unique products. Some of them made using recyclables to promote waste management and art crafts from people living with disabilities. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Market

Date: Saturday, October 5 

Time: 12-6pm

Venue: Kigali Serena Hotel

Oktoberfest in Kigali

I’ve been to the market and I know how thirst-full the experience can be. But don’t worry, this will be your lucky day! Around the corner, draught beer will be patiently waiting to moisten your dry oesophagus. And if you walk around with an affinity for German food, it could even be your luckiest day, I would say.


Date: October 5th – 6th

Time: 2 pm – 9pm

Venue: Kigali Marriot Hotel

‘Akabenz’ & Beer

As I grew up, I was always told that beer and meat are like a master and a slave – there is no one without the other – and this Saturday, it’s going down. A mashup of German beer (Weizenbier) and a fresh, suckling pig will be served at German Butchery Kigali. For akabenz lovers, that’s your treat. Remember that minors (under 18 years of age) are not allowed to take alcohol.

Fresh Suckling Pig

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Time: 5 pm – 10pm

Venue: German Butchery Kigali

Talking Books

Bookaholic Weekenders! How can we forget about you? Of course at your favorite spot, the Kigali Public Library, there is always something for you. This time, book talk, it will be.

Book Talk

Date: Saturday, October 5th

Time: 2pm

Venue: Kigali Public Library

For the Kids

Big ups to the Fam-Weekenders, of course we got you covered. How about a family day at Cucina! With a lot of outdoor activities and kids’ games with a mouthful of pizzas, Alfredo, Lasagna and a lot of other stuff that I didn’t eat when I was a little kid, because for us, brochettes and Fanta orange were the thing in those days.

Cucina Family Days

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 12 pm – 3pm

Budget: Rwf 48k and above

Venue: Cucina Italian Restaurant

Healthy Action

Fam-weekenders, in the words of DJ Khaled, “And another one!” With all the obesity lurking around due to the foods we consume, a morning jog or cycling with the family can’t hurt. In fact, do it in the name of fighting climate change. Mother Earth is calling, we got to come to the rescue. If not us then who, if not now then when!

Jog & Bike for Climate

Date: Sunday, October 6

Time: 8 AM

Start: Amahoro National stadium

Finish: Rwanda Revenue Authority

NFL Nights

Any NFL lovers? What do you think of a spot to watch together NFL games and get to know each other as NFL Weekenders? I am not a big fan of NFL but I am a fan of socializing and the togetherness of people with the same interest. Quit watching the games all alone at home, quarreling with your relatives because you’re watching something they don’t understand and join the growing community of NFL weekenders.

NFL games on Giant Screen

Date: Every Sunday

Time: Pre-game 6pm, 7pm and 10 pm

Venue: Lavana

Move Your Body

Yoga and dance

In addition to a pop-up studio offering yoga for Kigali, Butare and Musanze, there are some kids dance classes that my 10-year-old self would have gladly wished to attend with acrobatics & gymnastics, theater, ballet and contemporary dance. They also have adult dance classes, but unfortunately, not free of charge: they range from Rwf 5K and above. You can contact them if you want to get in touch.

Date: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 9 – 10:20 pm; 2 pm – 3:20 pm

Venue: Heaven Hotel (Kyovu)

{Featured image: Rwanda Motorcross exhibit, courtesy of KT Press}

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