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How Do You Spend Your Weekends in the #250? The University Edition

At the WEEKENDER we are curious to how different Rwandans spend their week-"ends" - across age, occupation, region and interest.

Everyone has personal preferences and different people undertake different activities and plans, which result in different lifestyles.

For some, weekends are a time to work to make those extra francs, to others a time reserved for worship, self-care or family; and for others yet, a time for projects, past-times or parties.

Irabizi Viviane, 4th-year journalism and communications student, and editor-in-chief of campus paper Kaminuza Star, kicks off our #250 series by asking her peers across campuses in Kigali a very simple question: “How do you spend your weekends?”

Divin Zigama, Business Admin, Adventist University of Centre Africa

I attend school on Sunday when I am at school. My weekend time at home is very funny and cool for I relax by attending live music from 8:00 pm up to midnight.. Saturday it’s time for work-out, I go for gym then in the afternoon I sleep deeply till Sunday morning – [when] I go for church then after I attend school. 

Anny Princia Habiyaremye, 22, Law in at University of Rwanda (UR)

I spend most of the time relaxing as the week is generally taught; I dance, swim and rest. Afternoons I read my favorite books and sometimes do sports (if I can call it sport, lol), then I prepare myself for the new week.

I enjoy school life as it is simple.

Olivier Ndungutse, General Nursing, University of Rwanda (UR)

I enjoy my weekend times playing guitar or when I am at home visiting friends designing some projects. At school I do laundry and revise my studies. I mostly prefer school life for I get entertained with schoolmates.

Dan Majyambere, 3rd-year student, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, University of Rwanda (UR)

At school, I do laundry, go to church, and have time to read and write, visit friends if I have time. At home, I do laundry, sleep and visit family. I prefer school because I am much more active than at home. I also prefer home because I am with family. Its 50:50.  

Scovia Gahongaire, student of Law

First and foremost, whenever am at home during weekends I do different activities like cleaning, washing clothes, cleaning utensils and others and if I am not doing those ones I visit friends.

At school, I normally do my personal revision; I either read books on Sunday [and] I go for the services and I pray.

I enjoy school weekends for I am always busy which is good on my side.

Edith Kemirembe, University of Kigali

[During] my weekend time at school, I do read novels and watch movies.

I prefer being at home because I feel more relaxed, no pressure, the week is ending.

Jean de Dieu Ntabareshya, School of Journalism, University of Rwanda (UR)

My weekend activities at home are visiting friends and attending church services, which is good for I get to  relax from the fatigue of work I have done the whole week.

I enjoy being most at home because at school I always struggle for getting food and house caring jobs. So I can’t get more time to enjoy, nevertheless when I am at home, I enjoy my evening time with no stress of cooking and house guarding.

Mike Ndayishimiye, Level 3 General Medicine, at school during weekends

I pray, I study and I visit friends. At home during weekends; I pray and I go to choirs, as well as visit.

Micha Solene Mugisha, Medicine

My activities during the weekend are praying, doing property. I pass a long time studying, and sometimes I take a rest watching a movie.

At home I take a long time in resting, I do sometimes jogging and I visit friends and every Sunday I go to pray in church.

Shema Gisele Uwineza

During my weekend time at school, I do laundry (Saturday mornings) because throughout the weekend I don’t have time because we study from Monday to Friday.

It is also time for me to do social activities like visiting friends; I am also part of a ministry at the campus and most of times during the weekends we have overnight rehearsal, retreat or fellowship… and on Sundays I go to church where I enjoy singing and worshipping as my first hobby.


My weekend times at home, I do some household activities, and when there is a like a wedding, dowry, or any other party, I attend it. Sometimes I go to visit some members of my family or some friends of mine because I go home only when I have holidays. Sundays I go to church.

At school, I prefer Sunday mornings the most because I enjoy going to church and being in the presence of the Lord.

Confiance Cyubahiro, a level 2 student in General Medicine

At school and at home on Saturday is Sabbath so I only pray, visit and such like. Except when we have trainings!

On Sunday I usually have to wash clothes, prepare Monday lessons sometimes have birthday celebrations, attend Umuganda on the last Sunday of the month, choir practice and sometimes outreaches in our student association.

Centyshe Mahoro, year 1 student of Economics, University of Rwanda

I actually spend my holidays’ weekends in reading books, going to church, visiting families and friends, and doing some household works.

When I’m at school I spend it in revising the courses, whether doing assignments or studying, going to pray, doing some households work in the room and watching some movies.

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