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The Weekend Proggie: 28th Feb. – 3rd March

Every weekend(er) needs a plan... for leisure, for relaxation, for fun -- The WEEKEND PROGGIE is your go-to to whats going on!

Thursday, Feb. 28th

Open Mic

What: Open Mic

When: Thursday, Feb. 28th

Where: Lavana Bistro, Kimihurura

Time: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Great for: Creatives, Poetry, Date Night

Specials: RwF 2,000 entry fee

Contact:  0782 062 653


What: Happy Hour

When: Every Thur – Sat.

Where: Elevate Suites, Nyarutarama

Time: 5 PM-8PM

Great for: Networking,, Professionals, After-work Poolside Bar

Specials: Cocktails RwF 3,000; 5 Amstels for RwF 4,500; Goat brochettes RwF 1,000

Contact:  0782 008 088

Friday, March 1st

Feel Good Friday

What: Anniversary Party, Pineapple Undertones

When: Friday, March 1st

Where: Ivy Rooftop Bar (Remera Corner)

Time: 8 PM – 2 AM

Great for: Dance, Chill, Flirt

Specials: Free entrance

Contact:   0783 575 207


What: Pub Crawl

When: Friday, March 1st

Where: Ryders: 6 PM – 8 PM; Choma’D: 8 PM – 10 PM; Pili-Pili: 10 PM – Midnight

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM

Great for: Pub Crawl, Happy Hour, Social, Friends

Specials: Happy Hour Deals

Contact:   0783 118 818


What: Mardi Gras Party

When: Friday, March 1st

Where: Soko Restaurant at the Kigali Marriott, Downtown

Time: 7 PM – 11 PM

Great for: Upscale social

Specials: New Orleans Style Buffet

Contact:   0222 111 111

Saturday, March 2nd


What: Silent Disco

When: Saturday, March 2nd

Where: Ram Lounge, Kimironko

Time: All Night

Great for: Friends, Dance, Experiential event

Specials: Headset RwF 5,000

Contact:   0788 312 2155

Arts & Music Carnival

What: Celebrating Rwanda Artists Awards

When: Saturday, March 2nd

Where: Sanitas Park, Kicukiro

Time: 12 PM (noon)

Great for: Families, day-time activities (swimming, leisure)

Specials: Entrance Rwf 5,000

Contact:   0784 298 444

Comedy & Brochettes

What: Comedy Night

When: Saturday, March 2nd

Where: Secret Location (RSVP)

Time: 6-9 PM

Great for: Date Night, Friends & Family, Chill Night

Specials: Food & Drink RwF 1K

Contact: Website

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