Remembering Mowzey Radio

Local Artists Pay Homage to Mowzey Radio

February 1st will mark the One-Year Anniversary of Mowzey Radio’s untimely death, who was 33 at the time. Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, aka ‘Mowzey Radio’, a Ugandan native was very popular in Rwanda, the country he very well called his second home. 

Wakanda Villa will celebrate the life of the late Ugandan musical legend Mowzey Radio with an exciting show this Friday. The concert will feature various artists alongside the Symphony Band who will perform live.

On Friday from 6 PM till dawn, the beautiful Wakanda Villa Club will open its doors to the fans, with performances from various artists: The Symphony Band, DJ Pius who worked closely and was a friend to Radio, Bruce Melody, Tom Close, Charly na Nina, Safi Madiba, Kid Gaju and Uncle Austin. For a mere 5,000Rwf cover charge, Radio fans will get to experience finest local music as well as all their favorite Radio and Weasel songs.

Wakanda Villa, located at the Kabeza Modern Market in Kabeza, has dedicated a whole night of celebrating the fallen star. Wakanda Villa is a two-floor club with the first floor providing an open kitchen for both snacks and full meals outside the clu,b and on the second floor, a pool table – where you can play pool as you sip on your favorite beer or whisky while listening to Radio’s hit songs.

Mowzey Radio will always be remembered for his brilliant voice in the many songs that he sang with his friend and partner Weasel, as a duo better known as the Goodlyfe Crew.

Wakanda Villa invites you to come and jam with your favorite artist and be a part of this phenomenal event honoring the incredible Artist we all knew and loved, Mowzey Radio. 

Radio & Weasel | Courtesy Goodlyfe Crew

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