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Great Restaurants for the Family – Kibagabaga & Remera

Pili Pili

Location: Kibagabaga, Kigali.
What they are best known for: Views. There are few places that show the beautiful hills of Kigali like Pili Pili. They also have a pool with inflatable balloons, and a sand pit bordered with their comfortable lounge chairs, so parents can watch their children while they read or chat, with peace-of-mind. Recently, they even added a mini-football pitch that is lighted during the evening. Their Kitchen has a wide range of African and European dishes and finger foods great for the whole family.
Pro-tip: Service can be slow on busy days.

Contact: 0788 585 800.
Address: KG 303 St.


Location: Kibagabaga, Kigali.
Best known for: As the name suggests, this is a Lebanese joint. Very spacious, with an adult pool and a children’s pool, a whole play-park with enough room for kids to run around and enjoy as you watch them. Besides the visible swimming pools, there is also a full-sized football pitch where young and old alike can go kick a football and have fun as they wait for meals to be served.
Pro-tip: A big place served by few waiters, so patience is key! Budget-friendly.

Contact: 0788 855 517.
Address:  KG 251 St.

Sole Luna

Location: Remera, Kigali.
Best known for: Pizza-lovers rejoice! Over 60 different types of pizzas, a great lunch buffet and cozy, large Italian-style dinning area. A great place if  you have a family members or friends to spend the evening with. Looking for a family activity that exercises the muscles? Come to their immensely popular Tuesday Trivia night.
Pro-tip: A bit pricey but worth a consistently great meal, or special event. Their all-you-can-eat Italian lunch buffet is also worth a visit!

Contact: 0788 859 593.
Address: KG 599 St.


Location:  Kibagabaga, Kigali.
Best known for: Roast meat. Those who want an evening of good roast meat with family members and friends, Caiman Restaurant is your place. A spacious establishment with a large garden, great for restless kids!
Pro-tip: Be sure to place your order *before* you come in since many families flock the place on weekends.

Contact: 0788 502 601.
Address: KK 249 St.

Chez Lando

Location: Remera.
Best known for: Located in the heart of Kisementi, Chez Lando is one of the oldest establishments, and has stayed loyal to its clients. Their kitchen serves a mixture of African and European food, and their service is consistent – they are ready to cater for your needs the moment you and your party walk in.
Pro-tip: Located off of a busy intersection, getting through the traffic can be tricky.

Contact: 0788 385 300.
Address: KG 11 Ave.

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