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3K & Under: Our Favorite Lunch Buffets in Kigali

Afrika Bite

Location: Kimihurura.
Best known for: If you are a fan of Rwandan and East African food, Afrika Bite is definitely what you are looking for. Unpretentious, healthy bites served in a row of clay pots, you will find popular favorites like fried fish and goat stew, matoke and groundnut sauce. Their fresh-squeezed juices are also very good.
Pro-tip: They only have a buffet at lunch, and are not open on Sundays.

Contact: 0788 313 879.
Address: 7 KG 674 St.

Fantastic Restaurant

Location: Town.
Best known for: Probably the most famous buffet restaurant in Kigali. They pride themselves in providing a 24-hr buffet, so be sure to pass-by anytime of the day – and there is always a band playing!
Pro-tip: It is located in the middle of town. If you love quiet settings for lunch, you won’t enjoy your meal.

Contact: 0788 434 649.
Address: KN 2 Ave.

TchiTchi Restaurant

Location: Kimihurura (Kabindi).
Best known for: TchiTchi’s pilau on Fridays gives them all the fame, but they also have a great daily lunch buffet and large, fresh salad. Their comfortable outdoor couches and seating places has also attracted fans, as it is a great place to meet friends or have a group lunch.
Pro-tip: Their famous pilau is only available on Friday.

Contact: 0782 271 373.
Address: KG 2 Ave.

Ram Restaurant

Location: Payage, opposite RSSB.
Best known for: Another good place if you are into East African food, especially Ugandan food.
Pro-tip: You’ll have to convince guards at RSSB headquarters (just opposite) to let you park in their complex.

Contact: 0788 312 155.
Address: KN 2 Ave.


Location: Kimihurura.
Best known for: This used to be a good ‘hangout’ spot for drinks, but they’ve since expanded to serving lunch buffets. With a good seating area just next to the stony road, it is a perfect place for a good, quiet lunch in the neighborhood.
Pro-tip: Parking space is on the side of the stone road, and it is tight – we would love to see them expand it.

Contact: 0788 468 696.
Address: KN 14 Ave.

Do you have a lunch buffet you’d recommend? Drop the name & place  below! 

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