Our Top 4 Beauty & Hair Saloons in Kigali

Marinabella Natural Hair

Best known for: Alexander, a hair stylist will effortlessly take care of you whether it’s a nice short hair cut, hair styling or a blowout that you need. This beauty spot is a breath of fresh air for bazungus and foreigners because it provides almost all the essential hair products they need. If you have natural hair or want a smooth hair cut, ladies this is your place.
Pro-tip: Pricey and no facial & gel-manicure treatments.

Location: Remera, Opposite Zigama CSS.

Maza Saloon

Best known For:  Anyone who knows Maza Saloon knows that they have the most loyal clients that never leave because of their long-trusted quality services, since 2009. They have since opened 5 other branches throughout Kigali, specializing in dreadlocks extensions, natural hair treatment and styling.
Pro-tip: Do bring a heavy wallet.

Location: Downtown Kigali.

Bem Bonita Saloon

Best known for: You know how they say, “Low prices mean a drop in services” – well, this saloon is a trend-setter. They offer all the beauty necessities from facials, pedicures, deep tissue massages, eye brow and arm pit waxing and all other beautifying treatments that become an addiction.
Pro-tip: A long queue hence delayed services.

Location: Kigali Heights.

Sister Saloon

Best known For:  True to beauty saloon culture, you will be regaled with stories ranging from how one woman beat her husband, to different political arguments, this solidarity of women will braid your hair as you find yourself forced to join the conversations.  It’s one of best braiding saloons.
Pro-tip: If you are an introvert, you may want to find a quieter, less social saloon.

Location: Opposite Airtel Headquarters, Remera.

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