The Fuss About Online Dating

We turn to our screens for almost every decision we make in our daily lives.

Where to shop, what to eat, where to get treatment, where to write a negative review calling out the restaurant that gave you food poisoning, among other personal reasons. So it’s no surprise that our screens are the first places we turn to when looking for romance or an intimate partner.

While western and other developed countries have already established the use of dating platforms like Tinder, OkCupid and Match.com, in Rwanda we are still witnessing many stories being told by couples who hooked up on Twitter and later evolved into an engagement proposal.

With a larger shift in social media from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the rise of internet dating is significant and evident. Social media has become a portal for people in search of new mates and a periscope into the lives of the people who are single, making it easy and fun for people to engage in conversations with one another, one thing leading to another.

Just like any social change, there’s fear that this new era of technology means meeting strangers who hide behind an electronic gadget without a clue of what their intentions are, albeit having an inkling of the kind of people they are, following what their posts are about, what they like and are interested in; that can be about music, the books they read, movies, the places they hangout from, opinions on social ideas and most importantly, their physique.

An interesting catalyst with all these social networks is the feature of ‘Social Messaging’, commonly known as ‘DMs’: this allows a person to directly communicate and converse with multitudes of people. Unlike in the past where dating only meant interacting among mutual friends, family relations or randomly meeting a stranger in a bar or in a workspace, now these platforms provide a variety of options of people from all walks of life to choose from, either for someone who is looking for a serious potential spouse to settle down with, or for someone looking for a series of casual sexual hookups.

The question and worry that comes with Online dating is: knowing whether these relationships become more stable and exciting in the long run, or do we create a habit to keep meeting perfect strangers and leaving the old ones behind, once they are no longer so?

Are you using, or have used, a dating app? What was the experience like? Would you recommend it? Drop us a line below! 

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