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Café Neo

Photo Courtesy Cafe Neo (Instagram)

As a fast-growing coffee chain from Nigeria, Café Neo sources its coffee right from the Rwandan roots and hills. The cafe is run by a modern and a friendly boss that seems to stand out for every client. Most regulars rush in for a quick bite while others sit down, engrossed with work that is easier done because of the fast internet, while sipping on one the best coffee cups in Rwanda. Cafe Neo arguably makes the best Latte- Macchiato in town.

The coffee-shop is well-situated with different branches in Town-Pension Plaza, Kiyovu-Impact Hub and another location opening soon at KBC, Kacyiru.

Shokola Café

Photo Courtesy Shokola Cafe (Instagram)

Tucked away in trees and beautiful greenery, perched atop the Kigali Public Libary like a nest, Shokola Café in the suburbs of Kimihurura will welcome you with soothing music and smiling baristas dressed in Dashiki shirts. Boasting bookshelves of free books to swap, Rwandan coffee lovers have enjoyed a home for study, art, workshops or an exploration of falafel wraps and meals. Great for dates, writing or a quiet rainy day.

Inzora Rooftop Café

Photo Courtesy Inzora Rooftop Cafe (Instagram)

This little gem welcomes you with the glory of books as you snake your way through Ikirezi bookstore, to reach the barista. There, choose among various wine selections, or a solid cup of their hot chocolate. The stairs to the rooftop are reminiscent of climbing up a treehouse, but you honestly won’t mind the empty crafted wine bottles, the garden of aloes or the air breeze playing with your skin and hair as you take in the view of Kigali. They have fast Wi-Fi and comfortable couches, benches and even a couple of lounge chairs to enjoy the view. Great for intimate meetings, dates, out of office work or quiet conversations.

Arts Cafe

Photo by Bonitah Kobusingye

Conveniently located at the Kimihurura junction, this can be your ‘brekki’ coffee spot after long hours in traffic or at the office. Although the WI-FI connection can be disappointing, you won’t mind paying for the café’s fresh roasted coffee while comfortably perched on the wooden bar stools at the window or outside patio.

Terra Caffè & Pastry

Photo courtesy Terra Caffè & Pastry 

Proud suppliers of Illy coffee – a luxury Italian brand which also hosts a global coffee competition to identify the best coffees in the world. In 2018 Rwanda swept the most awards beating out iconic coffee growing giants like Ethiopia and Costa Rica – including the top prize, which was a first in the competition’s history. In homage, the cafe serves a mix of Rwandan and Italian coffees, in a seriously low-key out-set vibe. Located in Nyarutarama, right above the Golf course, this beautiful spot offers home-made meals and treats. It also comes with a set of exquisite rental rooftop rooms that are fully serviced and can be your intimate weekend gateway.

Java House Café

Photo courtesy Java House, Kigali Heights (Twitter)

A hip local work-crowd hangout, Java House has a secret house coffee blend that promises a full-bodied cup of hand-roasted coffee, at a pleasant price that continuously turns first-times into regulars. Despite with all the fuss and frills about the delayed services, its quite a popular Kigalian stopping place for most everyone since its menu caters for every meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner).

Bwok Café Bistro

Choco waffles at Bwok Cafe Bistro. / Photo by Bonitah Kobusingye

With all the natural light and cute walls Instagramers look for, this beautiful new spot in Gacuriro offers an impressive showroom and tour to Rwandan coffee lovers. Quite apart from its artistry, Bwok is without a doubt one of the best places to enjoy coffee. Try their Belgian waffles, or a robust vegetarian sandwich accompanied with a dense and rich espresso.

Kigali Sol Café

Photo courtesy Kigali Sol Cafe (Facebook)

A laid back spot, its intimacy and local vibe is what gives the café such a full welcoming heart. Whether you are grabbing a take-away coffee and snack or staying, Sol Café is the soulmate coffee place you’ve been searching for.

Question Cafe

Photo courtesy Question Coffee Rwanda (Instagram)

A true-blue coffee drinkers dream. Slowly contributing to Kigali becoming the oasis of distinctive roasted coffee, this coffeeshop led by women, is best known for its distinctive roasted Rwandan coffee beans and coffee tours. You will not find milkshakes and other beverages, and they do have a limited menu for meal selection, in order to maintain the aroma of their beans. However, with its strong Wi-Fi, is is the right place for a quick coffee pop-up, work session or intimate catch-up.

Tip: Ask about their coffee tours!

Baso Patisserie

Photo courtesy Baso Patissier (

Best known for its sweet treats like the Éclair – a dough filled with cream and chocolate toppings – and delicious pastry.  Located in Kiyovu, Baso Patisserie’s menu favors well-priced cheesy and vegetarian burgers, sandwiches and less caffeinated coffee.


Brioche Cafe & Bistro / Photo by Bonitah Kobusingye

‘A home-grown, high-value brand feeding Kigali’s sweet-tooth’.  A respected name emblazoned across their cafes in multiple locations in the suburbs of Kagugu and Gacuriro, Brioche has managed to create a reputation for the best lattes, and house-made pastries and and array of fresh breads. Try their French baguettes – typically sold-out by 10 AM – or their delicious chocolate croissants with your coffee. Brioche also serves some tasty breakfast items, solid lunch and dinner selections (try their popular Chicken Coco). Perfect for off-site meetings, and date-night rendezvous.

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